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Birhan Keskin, from & Silk & Love & Flame

& Silk & Love & Flame


It all happened
because I am so afraid of flowing to you,
this is why waterfalls also interest me.

... the world was a depressing place, I didn't love its
war films and samurai as I used to... was I consigning
myself to a vacuum ... were wires scratching my skin
and hurting me... I was getting used
to my unhappiness loving you... or else I was bleeding to death...
I had no piece of me left to break into pieces...

my lover was on the other side of the phone eating Ruffles.

I broke the wings of my angel,
that's where I'm coming from. Still don't you
break the matching glasses again. I was a lunatic,
I believed elements too had souls,

the water's suicide always came into my mind,
speaking of waterfall,
I was talking madness.

Because I was so afraid of flowing to you like this.

I broke the waterfall's nerve a little earlier
that's where I'm coming from.