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Talking Vrouz

List of Contents

Translator's Preface
Poems from 'When I am Too'
Eden, Two, Three and churned-up me
The wardrobe's bare
Not keeping my nose clean
Our friendship in driving rain
The friend who can't hear Purcell any more
25 December
01 43 15 50 67
Carpe Diem
18 Lines to What
Vain Poem
The Poem for Jacques
Objection: Poeme d'Amour for 2 Voices
Thirty-two Teeth
Cross my heart
Gue Digue Don
And I was wondering what bird
I must have dreamed it
Poems from 'Vrouz'
Good for this or nothing
And if by chance my hand
Airport my green boots
I dreamed I lied about my bust-size
What time is it I'm happy there's a tree
So many swallowed days and so much time
Us eaters of potaters
To meet your soulmate without paying afterwards
Today sixteenth of June two thousand and eleven
My artificial memory? I couldn't give a toss
The hands of young mothers smell of cod liver oil
I measured my length the other day in snow
Negative I don't know how to take a photo no
She's a stranger here she puts her earring in
Swallow anything like nails or wood-screws ink
I get the picture now I'm at the age
At a certain moment you trip over it
Mozart I had to write
Nothing's rightful owner
The kid limps after his dad who's walking fast
Horsewoman found hanged with leading rein
Phone ringing in a waste-bin
Let's tame our loneliness without a wire
I'll come and visit you my unknown friends
When I leave my room a hefty curse rings out
I'd like to drive a Coral train right to the sea
Down the whole track-length of the railway line
Birthday this fine day and look
Driving his express logistic truck
I must lose fourteen pounds at least
Sometimes ex-planed un-trained gone bussed we don't arrive
To stay in while looking out
Another train packed out with soldiers' arses
There's a big black empty vase of rainwater which waits
A tree a growing tree and not a stone
My plane has been diluted
Not far from really understanding
Another truck with fill up on your phone
When my father shuffled off this mortal coil
I'm asked to put down my expenses in a note
They bring their teacher nuts
At the big Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville the BHV
His little head reflected in the great big spoon
Something joyful in this boy is pedalling
So I's the host of who know who or what
The boy give back the mango at the till to dear
I was running in no hurry as I waited hoping for the tram
A great fat budgie-squawk as if on spitting up
When I'd fill up the fridge with cans of drink
On public transport that transport us most
Won't write a word today
The twentieth of March the equinox and nothing gives
No I'm not back with all of you I've come that's all
Asters or asterisks as what shall I recycle
Each day these perfect strangers cross my path
Before you leave the train make sure