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Dinner with Fish & Mirrors

List of Contents

Hadrian, to a Likeness, Hidden
An Extra Dimension
A Letter to the Provincial Governor
Letters from Persia
To an Unknown Nobleman
The Tenth , I dare not say who that might be
To John, in the Wilderness
A Shadow Before my Body
The Second Coming
The Baltic Profile
Noon in a Glass Bell
A Glass Afternoon
Glass Property
Dinner with Fish and Mirrors
Variation on a Theme
I Have Forebodings
In the White Corners, while They Crucified Me
No, it Wasn't Raining, Thus Spoke Cassandra
Cassandra in a Garden with Orchids
"My Cretan sisters"
Arrival of the Twins
To the Twin, the First Advice Not to Enter Twilight And Plants
The Tall Twin
The Hallucinations of the God Hermes
To One who is Leaving
The World is Deep
The Geography of Near Hope
36, the Richmond Bus
Sorella Fiorentina
Cleopatra, the Last Speech
Call Me Atlantis
In My Heart I Have the Spirit or How I Didn't Become Concrete
Hadrian, to Sense and Form
To a Geometry Teacher
Biographical Notes