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Bones Will Crow

List of Contents

Foreword - Ruth Padel
Editors' Preface
Introduction - Zeyar Lynn
TIN MOE Biographical Note
from The Years We Didn't See the Dawn
Desert Years
from A Standard Human Wish
Meeting with the Buddha
THITSAR NI Biographical Note
from Redundant Sentences
Untitled 1
Untitled 3
AUNG CHEIMT Biographical Note
Aung Cheimt Goes to the Cinema
Flashback Journal
After Prufrock's 'Love Song'
You Will Read
MA EI Biographical Note
A Letter for Lovers and Haters
A Catastrophic Runre
My Island
Weather Forecast
MAUNG CHAW NWE Biographical Note
Mr. Charley ...
A Sun-ripened Song
Unpopular Chap
MAUNG PYIYT MIN Biographical Note
A Bunch of 52 Keys
Shall I Plunge into a Big Bummer?
The Last Element
KHIN AUNG AYE Biographical Note
Achilles' Heel
2010 the curvaceousness of Burmese poetry
State of Unhappiness...
gun and cheese
ZEYAR LYNN Biographical Note
My History is Not Mine
The Ways of the Beards
Slide Show
Sling Bag
MAUNG THEIN ZAW Biographical Note
the heat bearer
deva right in front of dukkha
MOE ZAW Biographical Note
Rose, 1985
Moonless Night
Three Friends
MOE WAY Biographical Note
If You Need To Piss...
Watch Out Maung Maung...
Misfits within Limits
So the Library, So Also the Museum
KO KO THETT Biographical Note
panning for alluvial gold...
timely applause and toothy smiles
the burden of being bama
from permanent installations
EAINDRA Biographical Note
Lullaby for a Night
Pitch for a Playful Mind
Molly, Whose Tank Has Been Emptied
The Day (Before That Day)
PANDORA Biographical Note
The Scene of the City Siege by the Daft
An Evening with a City Girl
The Sniper
MAUNG YU PY Biographical Note
Just Like This, Again This Time
Yangon 2010
A UFO Sighting...
Under the Great Ice Sheet
Glossary of Burmese Terms
Biographical Notes on Editors & Translators