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Emile Verhaeren: Poems

List of Contents

A Note on the Texts
Baking Bread
In Winter
To the Monks
The Windmill
To Die
The Frost
Fatal Flower
My Fingers
The Revolt
The Corpse
The Town (excerpt)
The Beggars
Madman’s Song III
The Snow
The Rain
The Wind
The Silence
The Ferryman
The Plain
The Soul of the Town
The Fair Hours i
The Fair Hours iii
The Fair Hours xviii
An Evening Hour
One Morning
On the Shore
The Afternoon Hours x
The Afternoon Hours xxix
The Tree
Further than the Stations, the Evening
Grey Weather
The Danger
The Fallen Port
Along the Quay
The Barge
The Ship
The Darkness
The Evening Hours viii
The Evening Hours xxvi
The Shadows
The Storm
The Dead
Shady Quarter
November is Clear and, Cold