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Days Full of Caves & Tigers

List of Contents

Series Editor's Note
Translator’s Preface

FROM Concession to Winter, Parentheses
Paradiso, Caprino, Cavallino
The Dodo
from Bocksten, The Eel of the Rhine
from Things with no Past, Claudia and Nina Sleeping
Buried in the Garden
Notice to Quit: Three Fragments
Snowing (or Writing in Winter)
Crocuses at Evolène
The Drowned Woman
Crespi d’Adda
Landscape with Moira Writing
The Blackbird
Breaking Surface
from Pietra sangue, The Two Adversaries
Drainage Canal
The Spendthrift Takes Stock
To Those Who Come After
Bois de la folie
Descending and Ascending: the Stairways of Albogasio
from Submerged Multitude, Untitled
Two Herons
Submerged Multitude
First Strawberries
Without Images
Letter from Nikolajevka
Last Judgement
Displaced Swarm
Days Full of Caves and Tigers
Thirty Years On
Moving On
from Corpo stellare, On Tiny Wings
April 2006. Postcards of Italy
Letters from Babel
Prospect Hill
Stories of the Armadillo
Biographical Notes