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The Page and the Fire

List of contents

A Note on the Translations

Akhmatova to Blok
Tsvetaeva on Blok
Blok to Akhmatova
Akhmatova on Pasternak
Pasternak on Tsvetaeva
Tsvetaeva to Akhmatova
Akhmatova to Tsvetaeva
Tsvetaeva to Pasternak
Pasternak to Blok
Vosnesensky to Akhmadulina
Akhmadulina on Mandelstam
Mandelstam on Akhmatova
Akhmatova to Mandelstam
Mandelstam for Tsvetaeva
Tsvetaeva to Mandelstam
Tsvetaeva to Mayakovsky
Severyanin on Mayakovsky
Severyanin on Pasternak
Pasternak to Akhmatova
Akhmatova on Annensky
Akhmatova on Annensky
Yevtushenko on Akhmatova
Akhmatova on Mayakovsky
Mayakovsky to Yesenin
Severyanin on Yesenin
Akhmadulina on Pasternak
Pasternak on Tsvetaeva
Tsvetaeva on Yesenin
Akhmadulina on Akhmatova
Akhmatova to Gumilev
Gumilev on Annensky
Severyanin on Gumilev
Akhmatova on Yesenin
Kushner to Akhmadulina
Severyanin on Blok
Yevtushenko on Blok
Severyanin on Akhmatova
Severyanin on Tsvetaeva
Tarkovsky on Tsvetaeva
Tarkovsky on Akhmatova
Akhmadulina on Tsvetaeva
Nabokov on Blok
Yevtushenko on Mayakovsky
Brodsky on Akhmatova
Akhmatova on Pasternak,
Mandelstam and Tsvetaeva
Reyn to Akhmadulina and K. Messerer

The Web of Relationships: diagram of who wrote on whom
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Notes on the Poems
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