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We of Zipangu

List of contents

  • Table of Contents

  • Translator's preface

  • Introduction

  • Poem prologue


  • We the People of Zipangu

  • The Monkey Eaters

  • On the Shore

  • Travelling Blood

  • Cedar

  • Beyond the Fence

  • Seeking a Well

  • The Process

  • Potatoes

  • In Ireland I was

  • Dismal Cranes

  • Mistletoe Poem

  • Fifteen-Year-Old

  • Tree

  • Rhetorica

  • Bearing a Twig

  • Rainy Night in the Country

  • Golden Lotuses

  • The Brain of Borges

  • In a Back Lane

  • Teaching of the Sand

  • To the Terrorist E. P.

  • Swing

  • New Dawn

  • Night

  • Rose Tree

  • The Man

  • Sleeping Wrestler

  • A Negro before Starting to Sing

  • I don't want Anything Else

  • Christ of the Thieves

  • Maria of the Thieves

  • Dead Boy

  • A Sad-looking Boy Speaks

  • Finger

  • Cannon

  • Night

  • In the Land of Nod

  • Chair

  • Out of a Coffin

  • Three Spells for One about to be Born:
    • i Fear Fish
    • ii The King of the Wheat
    • iii The One that has Wings

  • Myself at Departure

  • Myself in the Guise of a Traveller

  • Myself in the Guise of the King of the Forest

  • Myself in the Guise of an Ancient Goddess

  • Myself in the Guise of a Holy Prostitute

  • Myself in the Guise of a Roman Nobleman

  • Myself in the Guise of a Babykiller

  • Myself in the Guise of Telemachus Returned

  • Myself in the Guise of a Leper

  • Myself as an Anatomical Lovemaking Chart

  • 16 Tanka


  • Biographical notes

(nb Japanese text runs from the back of the book into the centre of the book up to the point where it reaches the Biographical notes, in English, which roughly mark the centre of the book.)