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The Icon Maker, by Paul Stubbs

Reader reviews

These disruptive poems definitely go off every known trodden path: fraught with paradox, saturnian-like reversals, universal questioning about death, decay, doom, cosmic and spiritual disorder, fragmentation of selves and human condition, they generate stunning images rooted in the metaphysical but also in the concreteness of the flesh; the way the poet subverts language triggers a constant stimulation as the recurrent synctatic ruptures produce an almost unexpected rhythmic fluidity that constantly rings true, vividly spontaneous yet cerebral — a voice whose genuine uniqueness stands out above that of many living poets, charged with Donnian & visionnary Blakian overtones and which, as such, will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.

Blandine Longre, 11 Jun 2010

This is book is a reliquary, fashioned not from gold and jewels but from bone, to which bits of flesh still cling. And, like all reliquaries, its function is to store what should be treasured.

PaulM, 11 Jul 2009

Reading this book by Paul Stubbs is like being propelled at least twenty five years into the future of British poetry. His language is so unique, his images so powerful, you are forced to conclude that you are reading the poems of a very major poet, one who must be read by everyone. The well known poets in British poetry today pale into insignificance when compared to the originality of these poems.

The Stone Man, 26 Jan 2009

Sentient and prophetic, the poems in this book herald for me a major new talent. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The Fury, 20 Jul 2008