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Review: No Cherry Time, by Jennie Feldman

Keith Richmond, ASLEF Journal, Nov 2022

‘Listen. Already next door | a mason’s chisel
chipping the silence | down to its heart of
stone.' Jennie Feldman, who was born in South
Africa, and spent much of her working life, as a
radio producer and presenter, in Jerusalem, is
aware of the power, the poetry, and the
passion of history as it appears in the present
and, in this beautiful volume of verse, called
No Cherry Time (Arc Publications, £10.99) she
writes of ’Strangers in a strange pond || - motes
in the hunter’s narrowed eye | the day they rise
and row across the sky’ and urges us to be
‘Lifted birdily out of the sober | quirks of
sadness, not to be weighed down.'