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Review: (O), by Sophie Mayer

Dorothy Lehane, Tears in the Fence, No. 63 Spring 2016

Highly charged and intensely political, the lexicon in (O) is wild, erudite and demanding; the aesthetic innovative and edgy. Mayer's language is both coded and accessible, at work and at play, simultaneously scholarly and savvy, and yet unafraid to arrest the reader with a rush of candid sentiment.


With an acute sense of how to write lived experience, (O) expands the human condition of suffering and overcoming, attentive to the experiences of others, bringing forth the realisation that to write/rewrite/do/undo/redo is to overcome. This long overdue, pioneering contribution broadens the testimonial archive of trauma, restoring and regenerating our faith in the human ability to survive, bear witness and create art in the face of brutality.