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Review: Acres of Light, by Katherine Gallagher

Stephanie Smith, DURA, 6 July 2017

Hauntingly beautiful, Katherine Gallagher's Acres of Light is steeped in lyricism. It is observant, evocative, and is above all, a celebration of life. A highly accomplished poet known for her mesmerising attention to detail, in this her sixth collection, Gallagher delivers a stunning series of poems, all of which radiate passion.


Part of the brilliance of Acres of Light is that despite the collection's complex and sometimes emotionally-driven poems, it still maintains a celebratory nature. Life, for what it is, takes centre stage and is observed from every angle.


Teeming with poems which are both expressive and creative, Acres of Light is a delightfully warm collection that observes the world, and rejoices. Gallagher's talents provide poetry that is lively but laced with sensitivity - effective for conveying the wonders and woes of any travels. With such vivid detail and melodious language, truly, life has never looked more beautiful.