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— VĂ­ctor Rodríguez Núñez

Review: Orbita: The Project, by Orbita

This refreshing poetry collection is an unpredictable Latvian cultural project rather than a straightforward poetry anthology; a cross between concrete poetry, poetry installation and art gallery.


The achievement of this innovative and remarkable anthology comes from the precision with which the four poets define, as Tony Ward mentions in the preface, a cultural path 'the UK poets of a half a century ago dreamed of but never achieved.'


Orbita is an innovative and complex anthology, standing out to reinvigorate and to redefine the European literary space. For English language readers, it is an essential guide to European poetics; a space where everything becomes possible. And prepare yourself for more. The anthology comes with a QR code; when scanned it gives access to a further selection of works, which couldn't be reproduced in print.