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Review: Crash & Burn, by Michael O'Neill

In Memoriam

Michael O'Neill, who died on 21 December 2018 at the age of sixty-five, was an authoritative commentator on Romanticism, in particular the work of Shelley, on whom he published his first two academic books. In addition, he edited, with Zachary Leader, the OUP edition of Shelley's major works. O'Neill also wrote on Yeats, the 1930s poets and Dante. His study The All-Sustaining Air examined the legacies of Romanticism in the work of a range of twentieth-century poets from Yeats and Eliot, to Paul Muldoon, Geoffrey Hill and Roy Fisher. He himself was an award-winning poet. The recipient of a Gregory Award in 1983, he published his first collection, The Stripped Bed, with Collins Harvill in 1990, This book won a Cholmondeley Award. Michael's poetry was wise and empathetic. In person, he was generous, gracious and possessed a quiet charisma. His dedication to his students was repaid with a full house at Durham University for the launch of Return of the Gift, and he was doing PhD supervisions in the last week of his life. A final volume of poetry, Crash and Burn, is due from Arc in April of this year.