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Review: The Atlas of Lost Beliefs, by Ranjit Hoskote

(Borders also falter in) Ranjit Hoskote's The Atlas of Lost Beliefs (Arc, £10.99). Hoskote is a poet, translator, cultural theorist, curator and art critic based in Mumbai, and this multifaceted thinking informs a generous embrace of hybridity in his work. His language, too, leaps gracefully across vast terrains of dialects and mythologies, from the European "coracle" and "fjordlands" to the "kinnaras" and "djinns" from Hindu and Islamic mythology and religion that are catalogued in the titular poem. Out of this current a polyphony of voices arises - the biblical Jonah, Melville's Captain Ahab, the victims of the 18th-century Zong massacre: a chorus that crashes, as impossible to contain as waves on the sea.