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It Was So Simple, by Maurice Carème
He listened, as he did every night, To the bucket squeaking as it came up and out Of the well In his garden where the blackcurrant bushes were quit...
Defying Fate - List of contents
PART I Lower Market Street 1973 Coup de theatre The most beautiful man on Spetse Bluebeard's mementoes Scarlet Invisible Wasp
Defying Fate - List of contents
Translator's preface Introduction Le cœur pur / The pure in heart Il avait du ciel / He had sky L'homme / The man Il voulut dire... / He ...
Carnival Edge: New and Selected Poems - List of contents
from The Eye's Circle Shapes within a Pattern / 15 from Passengers to the City Song for an Unborn / 21 Firstborn / 22 For Julien at Six Wee...
The house, by Maurice Carème
With gaps for windows And two gaps for double doors He built a house And put it on all fours Beneath a beech tree That only bore dead leaves. As...
The one he was waiting for, by Maurice Carème
He didn't know whether he would come, Even less whether he had come. He waited without bitterness, His feet turned towards the firedogs. One mo...

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