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“A meeting point for poets of all latitudes”
— Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

Some of Arc's Poets and Translators

Katariina Vuorinen, poet (Finland)

photo credit: Mikko Vahaniitty

Born in Janakkala in the Häme region in Southern Finland, Katariina Vuorinen
(b. 1976) studied literature in Tampere University and later made Jyväskylä
in Central Finland her base camp for traveling the world, while also working
in the university there. [...more]


Kim Seung-Hee, poet (Korea)



Róisín Tierney, poet (Ireland)

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Tierney was born in Dublin in 1963 and studied Psychology and Philosophy at University College Dublin. She moved to London in 1985. [...more]


Kit Fan, poet

Kit Fan was born in Hong Kong and moved to the UK at the age of 21. He studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong before completing a doctoral thesis on Thom Gunn at the University of York. As well as being a published poet, he also writes fiction. [...more]


Maram al-Masri, poet (Syria)

Maram al-Masri

Maram al-Masri is from Lattakia in Syria, now settled in Paris. She studied English Literature at Damascus University before starting publishing her poetry in Arab magazines in the 1970s. Today she is considered one of the most renowned and captivating feminine voices of her generation. [...more]


Moe Zaw, poet (Myanmar)

Moe Zaw (b. 1964) put his fountain nib on a blank sheet of paper for a poem for the first time in 1978. His debut collection Will was published in 2007. [...more]


Kevin Crossley-Holland, poet

Kevin Crossley-Holland



Abdellatif Laâbi, poet (Morocco)

ABDELLATIF LAÂBI was born in Fès in 1942. He published his first poetry collection at the age of 20. [...more]


Shams Nadir, poet (Tunisia)

SHAMS NADIR is the pseudonym of Tunisian poet and novelist Mohammed Aziza, born in 1940. [...more]


Pippa Little, poet

Pippa Little

Pippa Little is a poet, editor, reviewer and tutor. She lives in Northumberland
and works as a Royal Literary Fellow at Newcastle University. [...more]


Janne Nummela, poet (Finland)

photo credit: Juha Hamalainen

Janne Nummela was born in 1973 in Oitti, Hausjärvi, and still resides there,
although his day job is working as a patent officer in Helsinki. Nummela
studied acoustics at the Helsinki University of Technology and
computer-assisted composition at the Sibelius Academy. [...more]


Stein Mehren, poet (Norway)

Stein Mehren, photo: Gro Jarto

Stein Mehren (1935-2017) lived in Oslo, Norway. Within Scandinavia he is highly regarded as an outstanding poet and an accomplished essayist. [...more]


Adam Feinstein, editor and translator

Adam Feinstein

Adam Feinstein is an acclaimed author, translator, journalist and Hispanist. His biography Pablo Neruda: a passion for life was first published by Bloomsbury in 2004 and reissued in an updated edition in 2013 (Harold Pinter called it 'a masterpiece'). [...more]


Cliff Forshaw, poet

Cliff Forshaw left school at sixteen and worked in an abattoir before studying painting at art college and developing an interest in languages and literatures. After working in Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, New York and London, he completed his doctorate on Renaissance Literature at Oxford. Since then he has lived in Snowdonia, and taught at Bangor and now Hull University.

Cliff has been International Writer-in-Residence at Hobart, Tasmania, winner of the Welsh Academi John Tripp Award, Blue Nose Poet-of-the-Year, twice a Hawthornden Writing Fellow and a Djerassi Resident Artist in California. [...more]


Azniv Sahakyan, poet (Armenia)

Azniv Sahakyan was born in 1959 in Yerevan. She studied philology at Yerevan State University. Her first poem was published in 1986 in Literary Weekly. Since then she has been published regularly in the literary press including Garoun and Nork journals. [...more]


Ma Ei, poet (Myanmar)

Ma Ei (b. 1948) is from Burma delta and made her debut with the 1977 poem Chance for a Snap Smile. Having been reincarnated as a rebel, a widow, a divorcee and a poet laureate, Ma Ei believes she has earned more materials than she can possibly use in her lifetime. [...more]


Maung Yu Py, poet (Myanmar)

Maung Yu Py (b. 1981) was born in Myeik, a significant port town formerly known as Mergui, on the coast of an island on the Andaman Sea in the extreme south of Burma. He earned a degree in law in 2006 and published his first collection in 2000, The Bird that was Killed when the Sky Capsized, [...more]


Khachik Manoukyan, poet (Armenia)

Khachik Manoukyan is a member of the Armenian Writers Union since 1991. He has won numerous awards including the state 'Golden Reed' prize. He has been translated into English, French, German, Russian and Farsi. [...more]


Elies Barberà, poet (Spain)

Elies Barberà (born Xativa, 1970) is an actor and a poet. His most recent publication is entitled En la Primavera perpetua (In Perpetual Spring, 2010), a play made up of poetic texts. [...more]


Babacar Sall, poet (Senegal)

Photo: Cade

BABACAR SALL is Maître de conférences at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, where he carries out research in Egyptology and on ancient Africa in general. [...more]