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“A meeting point for poets of all latitudes”
— Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

Some of Arc's Poets and Translators

Pedro Serrano, poet (Mexico)

Pedro Serrano

The Mexican poet Pedro Serrano has published five collections of poems. [...more]


Henriikka Tavi, poet (Finland)

photo credit: Leena Lahti

Hailing from Vehkalahti, now a part of Hamina, Henriikka Tavi's (b.1978) first book Esim. Esa (Teos 2007) won the prestigious Helsingin Sanomat first book prize. [...more]


Maung Yu Py, poet (Myanmar)

Maung Yu Py (b. 1981) was born in Myeik, a significant port town formerly known as Mergui, on the coast of an island on the Andaman Sea in the extreme south of Burma. He earned a degree in law in 2006 and published his first collection in 2000, The Bird that was Killed when the Sky Capsized, [...more]


Jordi Julià, poet (Spain)

Jordi Julià (born Sant Celoni, 1972) is a poet, essayist and professor of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He specializes in the study of contemporary literature and his critical works have received both national and international awards. [...more]


Antoinette Fawcett, translator

Antoinette Fawcett



Tchicaya U Tam'si, poet (Congo Brazzaville)

TCHICAYA U TAM'SI (1931-1988) was born in Mpili (Congo Brazzaville), but moved to France in 1946 where he died, in Oise, in 1988. U Tam'si's poetry is colloquial and spoken. [...more]


David Colmer, translator (Amsterdam)

David Colmer



Vesa Haapala, poet (Finland)

photo credit: Irmeli Jung

Born in Jyväskyl&228; in 1971, Vesa Haapala moved around Finland until settling
in the capitol area. His first book Vantaa (Otava 2007), which received the
Kalevi Jäntti prize, was named after the town he lives in. [...more]


Guillaume Massieu, poet (France)

Guillaume Massieu

Massieu's extensive writings included translations from ancient Greek and studies of classical and modern literature and culture. In his lifetime, and for long afterwards, however, he was best known as a writer of Latin, and particularly as a writer of Latin verse, and his poem on coffee was published several times, in the original Latin and in various translations, in the century and a half after his death. [...more]


Elies Barberà, poet (Spain)

Elies Barberà (born Xativa, 1970) is an actor and a poet. His most recent publication is entitled En la Primavera perpetua (In Perpetual Spring, 2010), a play made up of poetic texts. [...more]


Immanuel Mifsud, poet (Malta)

Immanuel Mifsud

Immanuel Mifsud was born in Malta in 1967. He writes poetry and prose and also children's literature. [...more]


Michelle Cahill, poet (Australia)

Michelle Cahill

Michelle Cahill was born in Kenya, lived in the UK and resides in Sydney. Her poems have been widely anthologised. [...more]


Mara Bergman, poet (USA)

Mara Bergman grew up in Wantagh, New York, and graduated from the State University of New York at Oneonta. [...more]


Lakshmi Holmström, translator (UK)

Lakshmi Holmström is a writer and translator. She has translated short stories, novels and poetry by the major contemporary writers in Tamil. [...more]


Atar Hadari, translator

Atar Hadari was born in Israel, raised in England, trained as an actor and writer at the University of East Anglia before winning a scholarship to study poetry and playwrighting with Derek Walcott at Boston University. [...more]


Orbita, poet (Latvia)

From left to right: Artūrs Punte, Semyon Khanin, Sergej Timofejev, Vladimir Svetlov

Orbita is a creative collective / group of Latvian poets writing in Russian whose works are dedicated to dialogue between various creative genres (literature, music, video, photography, VJ, web, etc.) and cultures. The collective was founded 1999 in Riga. [...more]


Pippa Little, poet

Pippa Little

Pippa Little is a poet, editor, reviewer and tutor. She lives in Northumberland
and works as a Royal Literary Fellow at Newcastle University. [...more]


Kit Fan, poet

Kit Fan was born in Hong Kong and moved to the UK at the age of 21. He studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong before completing a doctoral thesis on Thom Gunn at the University of York. As well as being a published poet, he also writes fiction. [...more]


Pandora, poet (Myanmar)

Photo: Craig Ritchie

Pandora (b. 1974) is from Burma delta. Her precocious literary talent has earned her several awards at poetry readings and essay competitions since her school days. As an English major at Rangoon University, she wrote poems and short stories for campus magazines under several pen names. [...more]


Anna Crowe, translator (UK)

Anna Crowe was born in Plymouth in 1945. She spent part of her childhood in France, and read French and Spanish at the University of St Andrews. Married with three grown-up children, she now lives and works in St Andrews.

In 1998 Anna Crowe was involved in establishing the StAnza poetry festival in St Andrews, acting first as chair of the organizing committee and then for seven years as the artistic director. She remains on the Board of Trustees of the festival. [...more]