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Some of Arc's Poets and Translators

Ottilie Mulzet, translator (Hungary)

Ottilie Mulzet has been translating Hungarian literature since the mid-1990s. [...more]


Maung Thein Zaw, poet (Myanmar)

Maung Thein Zaw (b. 1959) was born to a family of goldsmiths in Myaing Myo, Pakkokku District, in upper Burma. Two book of his poems, Dripping Dewdrops and Scenery 21, were published in one single volume in 2008. As a zat dancer and poet, Maung Thein Zaw's life had always been peripatetic, performing during the nights and dreaming during the days. As a Buddhist, he has tried to understand 'the Noble Eightfold Path' to the best of his capacity, while he sees his poetry as an attempt to gauge the essence of life. [...more]


Anatoli Hovhannisyan, poet (Armenia)

Anatoli Hovhannisyan completed his studies in Philology at Yerevan state university. He has published two collections of poetry Warm Country (2000), Mirror (2010). He has also compiled and edited several books, and has been awarded numerous prizes. [...more]


Cliff Forshaw, poet

Cliff Forshaw left school at sixteen and worked in an abattoir before studying painting at art college and developing an interest in languages and literatures. After working in Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, New York and London, he completed his doctorate on Renaissance Literature at Oxford. Since then he has lived in Snowdonia, and taught at Bangor and now Hull University.

Cliff has been International Writer-in-Residence at Hobart, Tasmania, winner of the Welsh Academi John Tripp Award, Blue Nose Poet-of-the-Year, twice a Hawthornden Writing Fellow and a Djerassi Resident Artist in California. [...more]


Juhana Vähänen, poet (Finland)

photo credit: Heini Lehvaslaiho

Juhana Vähänen (b. 1982, Jyväskylä) is a poet and prose writer from Helsinki. He spent his youth on a farm in Petäjävesi near Jyväskylä, and moved to Turku to study Finnish literature. [...more]

Sorry, we can't just find the list of books for this writer.

Maung Chaw Nwe, poet (Myanmar)

Maung Chaw Nwe (1949-2002) was born in Rangoon but from an early age lived on the banks of the Irrawaddy 160 miles northwest of the capital. He published his first poem at the age of 19. [...more]


Nimrod, poet (Chad)

Nimrod says that he writes as a witness of the war that made him flee his home country and to rend homage to his mother, his childhood and the wonder of language itself. [...more]


Marcelijus Martinaitis, poet (Lithuania)

In addition to his work as a poet, essayist, and educator, Martinaitis is highly respected in Lithuania as a social activist and one of the first members of the Lithuanian grassroots political movement Saj?dis. [...more]



István László Géher, poet (Hungary)

Hungarian poet and translator - his translations of Plath, Dickinson, Shakespeare, Hughes and Yeats have appeared widely in journals and anthologies. [...more]

Sorry, we can't just find the list of books for this writer.

István Kemény, poet (Hungary)

István Kemény entered university to study law, but switched to Hungarian literature and history, graduating in these subjects in 1993. In his early poetry collections he continued the prevailing trends of decadence and symbolism. He won two literary prizes while still in his twenties. [...more]


Anna Crowe, translator (UK)

Anna Crowe was born in Plymouth in 1945. She spent part of her childhood in France, and read French and Spanish at the University of St Andrews. Married with three grown-up children, she now lives and works in St Andrews.

In 1998 Anna Crowe was involved in establishing the StAnza poetry festival in St Andrews, acting first as chair of the organizing committee and then for seven years as the artistic director. She remains on the Board of Trustees of the festival. [...more]


Tanella Boni, poet (Ivory Coast)

Photo: Tercera Informacion

TANELLA BONI was born and brought up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, before going to university in Toulouse and then Paris. She is now a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Abidjan (Cocody). [...more]


Edouard Maunick, poet (Mauritius)

Photo: Olivier Maunick

EDOUARD MAUNICK was born in Mauritius in 1931. He has been, successively, author and producer of radio programmes, TV presenter, editor of Jeune Afrique, a director at UNESCO and Mauritian Ambassador to Pretoria. [...more]


András Imreh, poet (Hungary)

András Imreh was born in Budapest in 1966 where he still lives. After working as a language teacher and living in Mexico for a year he is now a free-lance poet and translator. [...more]

Sorry, we can't just find the list of books for this writer.

Azniv Sahakyan, poet (Armenia)

Azniv Sahakyan was born in 1959 in Yerevan. She studied philology at Yerevan State University. Her first poem was published in 1986 in Literary Weekly. Since then she has been published regularly in the literary press including Garoun and Nork journals. [...more]


Clive Wilmer, translator (UK)

Clive Wilmer is a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. His most recent book of poetry in English is The Mystery of Things (Carcanet, 2006). Végtelen változatok, a selection of his poems translated into Hungarian by George Gömöri and Anna T. Szabó, was published by JATE Press, Szeged, in 2002. With George Gömöri he has translated some twenty Hungarian poets into English, including two books each by Miklós Radnóti and György Petri. He was awarded the Endre Ady Memorial Medal for Translation in 1998 and the Pro Cultura Hungarica Medal in 2005. [...more]


Teemu Manninen, editor (Finland)

photo credit: Leena Lahti

Teemu Manninen (b. 1977, Espoo) is a poet, a translator, a publisher, a literary scholar and a critic from Helsinki. [...more]


Abdourahman A. Waberi, poet (Djibouti)

Photo: Liberiagriot.it

Abdourahman A. Waberi is a writer, novelist and poet. He has won numerous awards, notably the Grand Prix Littéraire de l'Afrique noire in 1996 for his short story collection Cahier nomade. [...more]


Richard Dove, translator (UK)

Richard Dove works in Munich as a writer and lecturer. [...more]


Sigurdur Pálsson, poet (Iceland)

Sigudur Palsson

The Icelandic poet, novelist, playwright and translator Sigurdur Pálsson has worked as a professor and cinema producer. His poetry has been translated into ten languages. He is also the author of three acclaimed novels and a book of memoirs. [...more]