Over 40 years
at the cutting edge
of poetry publishing

John Kinsella (Australia)

John Kinsella was born in Perth in 1963. He studied at the University of Western Australia and travelled extensively through Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He is a prolific writer and author of over 25 books, and has published poems in literary journals internationally and has received a number of literary awards, including a Young Australian Creative Fellowship and a two-year Fellowship from the Literature Fund of the Australia Council.

Since 1998, he has been International Editor for Arc Publications, with whom he has published four collections, the first of which, The Undertow: New and Selected Poems (Arc, 1996), was his first UK edition. His second collection for Arc, The Silo: A Pastoral Symphony (1997) was followed in 1999 by Landbridge: An Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry (also published by Arc in conjunction with Fremantle Arts Centre Press), which he edited. Lightning Tree was published in 2003, and America in 2006. His most recent collections include The Hunt, Peripheral Light: Selected and New Poems, The New Arcadia and Shades of the Sublime & Beautiful.

John Kinsella is also author of the critical works Disclosed Poetics: Beyond Landscape and Lyricism and Contrary Rhetoric: Lectures on Landscape and Language. His previous plays are collected as Divinations: Four Plays. His other work ranges across genres from short fiction to novels, libretti to autobiography.

He is a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, and a Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia.

i am a vegan anarchist pacifist of 32 years. i am editor and international editor of a number of well-known literary journals and have had over 30 books of poetry, prose etc published. i am a literary critic and cultural commentator, based at cambridge university in england, though am at present working as a professor in the u.s. i also hold an adjunct professorship in australia. i am a supporter of worldwide indigenous rights, and an absolute supporter of land rights - without which, i agree, there can be no reconciliation. i am against nationalism and the centralised nation-state - which i see as the root of many evils. i believe that the 'control' of language is the most significant factor in resisting colonisation, invasion, and oppression. i believe in decentralised community living, the equality of humans and animals, and respect for the land. i am totally against any form of violence. and finally, i believe in cultural and gender respect. brothers and sisters together!!