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Anna T Szabó Romania

Anna T Szabó, poet, writer and translator was born in Transylvania (Romania) in 1972 and moved to Hungary in 1987. She studied English and Hungarian literature at the University of Budapest and received her PhD in English Renaissance literature in 2007. She was 23 when her first volume of poetry appeared, and received the Petofi Prize (1996), founded for promising young poets. She has since published four more volumes of poetry and has received several literary prizes. She has translated many poems and lyrics, essays, novels, drama, radio plays and librettos, and writes essays, newspaper articles and reviews.

She also worked for the British Council as a co-leader of a translators' workshop in Budapest workshop in Budapest (2000-2004), as the co-editor of the homepage of the Hungarian Book Foundation and as a film critic and translator for the journal Cinema (1997-2007). She is currently the poetry editor of the literary journal The Hungarian Quarterly which publishes Hungarian literature and essays in English.