Over 40 years
at the cutting edge
of poetry publishing

Paul Dakeyo (Cameroon)

PAUL DAKEYO was born in Cameroon in 1948. Founder of the publishing house Editions Silex, he belongs to the second generation of Cameroonian writers that, despite their pessimism, wish to see their country come out of the socio-economic stagnation that followed the first years of independence. Paul Dakeyo, and may others, express the horror of those blody rĂ©gimes whose ruthless pursuit of power became a feature of African politics. His poetry denounces injustice and abuse of every kind, and calls for reconciliation worldwide. His collections of note include Barbelés du matin, Chant d'accusation, Soweto: soleils fusillés and Les ombres de la nuit. He is currently working on a book in honour of Nelson Mandela.