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Khal Torabully (Mauritius)

Photo: Africansuccess.org
Photo: Africansuccess.org

KHAL TORABULLY was born in 1956. He has a doctorate in poetic semiology and his collections include Palabres à parole (1997), L’ombrage rouge des gazelles (1998) and Chair corail, fragments coolies (Editions Ibis Rouge, Guadeloupe, 1999) , which won the 2000 Prix du Livre Insulaire. Co-editor of the review Missives, Torabully is also writer-director of four films, including La Mémoire Maritime des Arabes (Chamarel Films, with the backing of the Sultanate of Oman; English and Arabic versions, TV Oman). He has also published Kot sa parol la? Rôde parole (bilingual, Creole / French, 1995) and most recently Cahier d'un retour impossible au pays natal (Editions K’A, Ille-sur-Têt, 2009).