Over 40 years
at the cutting edge
of poetry publishing

Carles Torner (Spain)

Carles Torner (born Barcelona, 1963) is a poet and writer. He has a PhD from the Paris VIII University and has chaired the Committee for Translation and Linguistic Rights of International PEN (1994-2004). He was director of the Literature and the Humanities Department at the Institut Ramon Llull (2004-2010) and is currently lecturer at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations Blanquerna (URL). Torner has published several volumes of poetry: In the White City (1984, Amadeu Oller Award), The Limits of Salt (1984, Carles Riba Award), The Angel of Plunder (1990), Life Afterwards (1998, National Critics Award) and Europe's Bride (2008). He has also published a novel, The Foreign Woman (1997), the essay Shoah, a Pedagogy of Memory (2001) and Babel's Arch (2005), a book mixing narrative and essay, in the form of thirty-five letters to women from different countries who are struggling against the threats to their languages and cultures.