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Katariina Vuorinen (Finland)

photo credit: Mikko Vahaniitty
photo credit: Mikko Vahaniitty

Born in Janakkala in the Häme region in Southern Finland, Katariina Vuorinen (b. 1976) studied literature in Tampere University and later made Jyväskylä in Central Finland her base camp for traveling the world, while also working in the university there. She published her first book, Edith suuteli minua unessa in 2001. With the next two books, Kylmä rintama (2006) and Rouvien ja lintujen talo (2010), she became one of the essential poets of the bohemiam publisher Savukeidas. She has also participated in several anthologies. A familiar performer at literary events in Finland and abroad and a teacher of creative writing, Vuorinen has been the president of the Middle Finland Writer's Union since 2008 and has worked to bring the Writer's House in Jyväskylä to the international networks of literary centres.