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Abdourahman A. Waberi (Djibouti)

Photo: Liberiagriot.it
Photo: Liberiagriot.it

Abdourahman A. Waberi is a writer, novelist and poet. He has won numerous awards, notably the Grand Prix Littéraire de l'Afrique noire in 1996 for his short story collection Cahier nomade. In 2000 he published a poetry collection, Les nomades, mes frères, vont boire à la Grande Ourse with Editions Pierron, France. An English teacher at Lisieux, in Normandy, Waberi is also an editorial advisor for Le serpent à plumes in Paris, and a literary chronicler and writer for Monde diplomatique. Recent English translations of his work are the short story collection The Land without Shadows (University of Virginia Press, 2005), and the novel In the United States of Africa (French Voices) (Bison Books, 2009).