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Alain Mabanckou Congo Brazzaville

ALAIN MABANCKOU was born at Pointe Noire, Congo in 1966. He studied law in Brazzaville and France. His poetry collection L’usure des lendemains (Nouvelles du Sud, 1995) was awarded the Prix Jean-Christophe by La Société des Poètes Français. Nostalgia for childhood, love of one’s country, the duty to remember, the sense of exile and the decay of contemporary African society are recurring themes treated in lyrical poetry in his collections La légende de l’errance (L’Harmattan, 1995), Les arbes aussi versent des larmes (L’Harmattan, 1997) and Quand le coq annoncera l’aube d’un autre jour (L’Harmattan, 1999). Alain Mabanckouis also a novelist with a focus on Africa, Africans and identity. His fifth novel is called African Psycho.