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Arjen Duinker Netherlands

Arjen Duinker was born in Delft in 1956 and studied psychology and philosophy. He has had seven volumes of poetry published in Holland. In 2001 his De Geschiedenis wan een opsomming ('The History of an Enumeration') won the prestigious Jan Campert Prize for the best collection. One of his poems was translated into 220 languages for a project entitled 'World Poem'. He works, together with glassblower Bernard Heesen and graphic designer Desiree Achtekamp, on the encyclopaedic dictionary The World of the Glassblower. He and prose writer and poet Kees 't Hart founded the Magazine with Changeable Name. He also collaborates with the Chinese poet Yang Lian.

Below is Arjen reading his poem The Bluebird, written in American English for two voices. Performed here with Kees 't Hart.