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Bejan Matur Turkey

Bejan Matur was born in Pazarcik, the district of
Kahramanmaras (Kurdistan) in 1968. She finished middle
and high school education in Gaziantep and then graduated
from the Faculty of Law at Ankara University. In 1997, she
received Halil Kocagöz Award and Orhan Murat Anburnu
Poem Award for her first book Rüzgâr Dolu Konaklar.

Her poems have been published in many poetry magazines such
as Adam Sanat, Defter, Ekin Belleten and Yazit magazine. In
2004, a selection of her poems was published by Arc
Publications in England under the title The Temple of a
Patient God
; the same book was published in German and
French by PHI in Luxembourg in 2006 as Winddurchuwehte

Bejan Matur is the founder of Diyarbakir Culture and Art
Foundation, which was established in 2008. Currently, she
devotes all her time to writing poetry, and occasionally
contributes to an internet journal and newspapers.