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Cevat Çapan Turkey

Cevat Çapan
Cevat Çapan

Cevat Çapan was born in Kocaeli in 1933, attended Robert
College in Istanbul and went on to read English at at the
University of Cambridge. After graduating in 1956, he worked
as a Programme Assistant in the BBC Turkish Section for a year
before returning to Turkey to take up a post in the Department
of English Language and Literature in the Faculty of Literature
at Istanbul University. He became an Associate Professor
in 1968 and full Professor in 1975. From 1980-1996, he was
Professor of Drama in Mimar Sinan University, during which
time he went to New York on a Fulbright scholarship. In 1996 he
moved to Yeditepe University where he was Dean in the Faculty
of Literature and Professor of English and Drama for 16 years.
He also taught at Bosphorus University, Anadolu University,
and Marmara University as Visiting Professor. He is currently
Professor of Drama at the Haliç Uhiversity.

Cevat Çapan’s poetry first appeared in numerous journals
and in 1985, his first collection Dön Güvercin Dön (Return
to Güvercin Dön) was published. Since then, seven more
collections have appeared, the most recent in 2013. He has edited
anthologies of modern Greek, English and American poetry
and is the author of a number of books of literary criticism
on contemporary English and Irish drama. As a translator, he
has translated John Berger’s A Seventh Man, Photocopies, and To
the Wedding
; the poetry of Seferis, Ritsos, Cavafy, W. B. Yeats,
Pessoa, Mandelstam, Ferlinghetti, Carlos Durummond de
Andrade, Raymond Carver, Ungaretti and Tomas Tranströmer;
and the plays of O’Casey, Whiting, Wesker, and Athol Fugard.
His own poetry has been translated into English (Where are You
Susie Petschek
, Arc, 2000), Persian (2015) and Bulgarian (2016).

Cevat Çapan has received a number of prestigious literary
awards – the Behçet Necatigil Poetry Award, 1986, the Homeros
Culture and Art Award, 2007, the Alt?n Portakal ?iir Ödülü
(Golden Orange Poetry Award), 2008 and the Mersin City
Literature Award, 2015.

Cevat Çapan is married with three children