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F. Starik Netherlands

F. Starik
F. Starik

F. Starik.. (1st July 1958 - 16th March 2018) was a poet, writer, singer and artist. He studied photography and mixed media. In 1987 his official debut appeared, Nepvuur (Fake Fire), swiftly followed with the controversial anthology Maximaal. In 1993 he published his novel in letters, Mijn leven als museum (My Life as a Museum). He has worked as a visual artist and a singer for several years. From 2002 the volumes Simpele ziel (Simple Soul), De grote vakantie (The Big Holiday, 2003), Rode vlam (Red Flame) and De verdwijnkunstenaar (The Disappearing Act Artist), both in 2004, appeared. In 2002 Starik took charge of the Poule des Doods (Poule of Death), a group of poets of various make-up who write and recite poetry for lonely burials. The book Eenzame uitvaart (Lonely Burial) with the poems appeared in 2005. The Lonely Funeral, co-edited with Maarten Inghels was published by Arc in 2018, shortly after his death.

Most of the information here on F. Starik was taken from the Writers Unlimited website.