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Fabio Pusterla (Switzerland)

Fabio Pusterla (b. 1957) is of mixed Swiss / Italian parentage, teaches Italian literature at the cantonal high school in Lugano, and lives just across the border on the Italian shore of Lake Lugano (Lago di Ceresio) in one of the villages of the Valsolda. A poet, translator, essayist and scholar, he contributes to many Italian, Swiss and French literary periodicals. For his work, translated into many European languages, he has been awarded the Premio Montale (1986), the Schiller Prize (1986, 2000 and 2011), the Premio Dessì (2009) and the Premio Lionello Fiumi (2008, 2010), the Premio Prezzolini for translation (1994), the Premio Marazza (2009) and, in 2007, the Gottfried Keller Prize for his work as a whole.