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Felipe Juaristi Spain

Felipe Juaristi was born in Azkoitia in 1957 and studied journalism and sociology at the Universidad Complu-tense in Madrid. He was one of the founding members of the magazines Porrot and Literatur Kazeta and has worked as an editor in the Baroja and Bermingham publishing houses. At present he is a regular contributor to several newspapers and magazines. He has been a member of the Basque Academy of Letters since 2005.

Felipe Juaristi's literary career has been rich and varied, not only because he has experimented with different genres (poetry, narrative and children's and young people's literature), but also because he has received many prizes. These include the Lizardi Prize for children's literature in 1992, the Euskadi Poetry Prize in 1998, the Euskadi Young People's Literature Prize in 2000, the Leer es Vivir Prize in 2001, and the 2002 Rosalía de Castro Prize awarded by the PEN club, Galicia, to honour his entire literary career. He has been awarded the Spanish Critics' Prize several times for his poetry collections.

Juaristi is also a novelist and prolific literary translator - Maupassant, Wilde, Zimnik, Futrelle, Breytenbach, Grossman, Celaya, Mirande, Aramburu and Otxoa are amongst the writers he has translated. He has taken part in numerous international festivals and his poems have been included in anthologies and published in magazines worldwide.