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G. S. Smith

G. S. Smith
G. S. Smith

Gerald Stanton Smith is Professor Emeritus of Russian in
the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow of New College.
His book-length translations from Russian include the poetry of
Alexander Galich (Ardis, 1983) and Boris Slutsky (glas, 1996),
and Contemporary Russian Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology
(Indiana University Press, 1993). With Marina Tarlinskaja he
translated M. L. Gasparov, A History of European Versification
(Clarendon Press, 1996). His award-winning biography of D. S.
Mirsky was published by Oxford University Press in 2000, and
a translated selection of his articles on Russian poetry,
Vzgliad izvne, by Yazyki slavianskoi kul’tury (Moscow) in 2002.