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Hasmik Simonian (Armenia)

Hasmik Simonian was born in 1987 in Yerevan. She completed her studies at Yerevan State University of Pedagogy in 2008 specializing in Philology. In 2009 she completed a course on journalism at the Caucasus Institute of Journalism in Yerevan. She has published two collections of poetry, Lunatic Words (2005) and Untidy Rooms (2010). She has received many literary awards, including the Slavik Chiloyan award for the manuscript of her first collection (2005), the President's Youth award in Literature (2006), the "Time" award (2004), "The Little Prince" award (2005), special prize at "The Future is Ours" Festival (2006), the "Gretert" journal award for rhetoric and essay writing (2008) and in Poetry (2010).