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Ingmara Balode Latvia

Ingmara Balode was born in 1981 in Auce and is a poet and translator currently working for ¼ Satori Culture and Philosophy Website. Having studied sculpture and applied arts in college, she also has experience in culture management. She has been publishing her poetry since 1997, and received the Prize for the Best Debut in Latvian Literature for her first collection Ledenes, ar kuram var sagriezt meli (Bonbons That May Cut Your Tongue, Riga: ¼ Satori) in 2007. As a translator, Balode is mostly interested in twentieth- and twenty-first century Polish and American poets (e.e. cummings, Adam Zagayewski, J. Schuyler et al). The poems in this anthology include some from a yet-to-be-published volume of poetry.