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John Berger UK

John Berger was born in London in 1926. His many books, innovative in form and far-reaching in their historical and political insight, include To the Wedding (published in a rejacketed edition in April 2009), King, and the Booker Prize-winning novel, G. Amongst his outstanding studies of art and photography are: Another Way of Telling; The Success and Failure of Picasso; Titian: Nymph and Shepherd (with Katya Berger); and the internationally acclaimed Ways of Seeing.

He lives and works in a small village in the French Alps, the setting for his trilogy Into Their Labours (Pig Earth, Once in Europa and Lilac and Flag). His collection of essays The Shape of a Pocket was published in 2001. His latest novel, From A to X, was published in 2008. About Looking, published by Bloomsbury in April 2009, is the follow-up to the seminal Ways of Seeing, one of the most influential books on art.