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Jordi Julià Spain

Jordi Julià (born Sant Celoni, 1972) is a poet, essayist and professor of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He specializes in the study of contemporary literature and his critical works have received both national and international awards. Some of the titles published in Catalan and Spanish include: Al marge dels versos (Besides the Verses, 1998), Un segle de lectura (A Century of Reading, 2001), La perspectiva contemporanea (Contemporary Perspective, 2004), Modernitat del mon fungible (Modernity of the Replaceable World, 2006), L'art imaginatiu (The Imaginative Art, 2007), Dietari de lectures (Reading Diary, 2009), and Poetica de l'exili ( Poetics of Exile, 2011). Although his poetry has received many awards across the region of Catalonia, his work is still little known. Some of his recently published books of poetry include: Hiverns suaus (Mild Winters, 2005), Sota la llum de Mart (Under the Light of Mars, 2006), Els deus de fang (The Gods of Mud, 2007), Principi de plaer (The Pleasure Principle, 2007), Planisferi lunar (Lunar Planisphere, 2008), Un lleu plugim (A Gentle Rain, 2009), Poetica per a un ninot (Poetics for a Doll) and Circumstancies adverses (Adverse Circumstances, both published in 2011), and Gent forastera (Foreign People, 2012).