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Khachik Manoukyan Armenia

Khachik Manoukyan was born in 1964 in Echmiatzin. In 1989 he graduated from the Erevan Polytechnic Institute. He is a member of the Armenian Writers Union since 1991. He has won numerous awards including the state 'Golden Reed' prize. He has been translated into English, French, German, Russian and Farsi. His published collections include My Garden (1987), A Wounded Cross (1992), An Amazing Time(1992), Survival Feast(1996), Layer(1998), Biblical Intervals(2001), Ara and Semiramis(2002), Minus, Plus and the others(2003), Bypasses(2004), Documentations(2008), Gold-feathered Mist(2009), Not the World We Know(2010).