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Kirmen Uribe Spain

Kirmen Uribe was born in Ondarroa in 1970 and belongs to the first generation of writers whose whole schooling, from kindergarten to university, was conducted entirely in Basque. He holds a degree in Basque philology and has done postgraduate courses on Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the University of Trento, in Italy.

He has translated poems by authors such as Raymond Carver, Sylvia Plath and Mahmud Darwish into Basque. He is more widely known as a poet, but has also written books for children. His poems have been translated into several languages and published in international magazines such as the American New Yorker, Circumference and Open City and the Berlin-based poetry portal Lyrikline. He has taken part in many international events in Europe and North America, and has given talks at universities in New York, Barcelona and Madrid. He has taken part in many multimedia projects and made video poems too. In 2003, together with three Basque musicians and an artist he set in motion the project Zaharregia, txikiegia agian. Una manera de mirar. (Too old, too small, maybe) bringing out a CD and performing in New York, San Francisco, Munich, Berlin, Barcelona and Ireland.

Uribe has worked in the cinema, and is writing his first novel.