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Kristin Dimitrova Bulgaria

Kristin Dimitrova was born in Sofia in 1963. She was educated at the University of Sofia, where she now teaches in the Department of Foreign Languages. Her books of poetry include Jacob's Thirteenth Child (1992), A Face Under the Ice (1997), Closed Figures (1998), Faces with Twisted Tongues (1998), Talisman Repair (2001) and The People with the Lanterns (2003). She has published a book of short-stories, Love and Death Under the Crooked Pear Tree (2004). She has also translated a selection of poems by John Donne into Bulgarian. Her poems have been translated into Croatian, Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Swedish and Turkish. A selection of her poems in English is published as A Visit to the Clockmaker (Southword Editions, Cork, 2005). From 2004-6, she was an editor of Art Trud, the weekly supplement for arts and culture of the largest Bulgarian daily newspaper. She lives in Sofia.