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Krystyna Miłobędzka Poland

Krystyna Milobedzka was born in Margonin, Poland, in 1932. She has written plays for children, which are collected in Siala baba mak [A Pocket Full of Posies, 1995]. As a scholar of children’s theatre, she has published the monograph Teatr Jana Dormana [Jan Dorman’s Theatre, 1990] and the volume of essays W widnokregu Odmienca [In the Misfit’s Circumference, 2008]. She is the author of twelve books of poetry: Anaglify [Anaglyphs, 1960], Pokrewne [Of Kin, 1970], Dom, pokarmy [Home, Foods, 1975], Wykaz tresci [Register of Contents, 1984], Pamietam (zapisy stanu wojennego) [I Remember (Writings Under Martial Law), 1992], Przed wierszem. Zapisy dawne i nowe [Before the Poem: Writings Old and New, 1994], Imiestowy [Participles, 2000], Wszystkowiersze [Omnipoems, 2000], Przesuwanka [Shifting Rhyme, 2003], Po krzyku [After a Shout, 2004], gubione [one by one lost, 2008] and dwanascie wierszy w kolorze [twelve poems in colour, 2012]. Her collected Zbierane. 1960-2005 [Gathered. 1960-2005] appeared in 2006, and zbierane, gubione [gathered, lost] in 2010. Recipient of numerous awards, she was nominated for the NIKE Prize in 2006 and won the Silesius Award in 2009. In 2013 she was awarded the Silesius for Lifetime Achievement. She lives in Puszczykowo near Poznan.