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Lidija Dimkovska Macedonia

Lidija Dimkovska was born in 1971 in Skopje and obtained a doctoral degree in Romanian literature in Bucharest where she lectured in Macedonian language and literature. Her prizewinning debut collection, Progenies of the East (together with Boris Cavkoski) was published in 1992, and she has since written four more books of poetry (Fire of Letters, Bitten Nails, Nobel vs. Nobel and pH Neutral for Life and Death) and has edited an anthology of young Macedonian poets.

In 2006 Ugly Duckling Press, New York, published a selection of her poetry translated into English. In 2004 she published her prizewinning novel Hidden Camera which has already been translated in Slovenian and Slovakian with translations into Polish and Bulgarian forthcoming.

Her poems have been translated and published in more than twenty languages all around the world. She has participated at numerous international literary festivals and residencies. In 2009 she received the German prize 'Hubert Burda' for younger Eastern European poets. She lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.