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Miren Agur Meabe Spain

Miren Agur Meabe was born in Lekeitio in 1962. She is a qualified teacher and has a degree in Basque philology. She taught at a Basque school (ikastola) in Bilbao for some years, but since 1992 she has been an editor at the Giltza-Edebé publishing house where she is now Senior Editor.

Meabe has received many prizes, amongst others the 1991 Lasarte-Oria Poetry Prize for the collection Oi, ondarrezko emakaitz! (Oh, Wild Woman of Sand!), the 1997 Imagina Ezazu Euskadi prize for the volume Ohar Orokorrak (General Notes), the 2001 Spanish Critics' Prize for the collection Azalaren Kodea (The Code of the Skin), and the 2002 Euskadi prize for Itsalabarreko etxea (The Cliff House).

She writes mostly poetry, children's and young people's literature and short stories. Her first publication was the short story collection Uneka... gaba (Momentarily... Night) and in 2000 she edited a collection of short stories by twenty-nine Basque women writers entitled Gutiziak (Desire). She has also translated a number of children's books into Basque. Her poems have been translated into several languages and published internationally in magazines and anthologies and she has appeared in many European literary events and festivals.