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Moe Way (Myanmar)

Photo: Craig Ritchie
Photo: Craig Ritchie

Moe Way (b. 1969) was born in a hamlet in the Irrawaddy delta and now lives in Rangoon. He made his literary debut with a short story in Moewei magazine in 1991. In 1994, his first collection of poems The Length of a Wavy Hair was published, followed by The New Form of Life (2002) and Now He's Rough, Now He's Soft (2009). Considered a lynchpin in Burmese literary circles, Moe Way runs The Eras, a leading Burmese poetry press based in Rangoon that focuses on the publication of modern writers, mainly Burmese poets inspired by L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E poetry. Alongside Zeyar Lynn (who he has published, along with Khin Aung Aye), Moe Way has had a major impact on developing post-modern poetic forms into the Burmese language. The post-modern condition is not just Western, what's happening here is also postmodern, he says.