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Moe Zaw Myanmar

Moe Zaw (b. 1964) put his fountain nib on a blank sheet of paper for a poem for the first time in 1978. The Village of Agony, his first chapbook, appeared in 1980. Yet he remained hesitant to get his poems published in the magazines during the 1980s and it was only in 1993 that he contributed The Days of the Strays to Gold Nectar magazine. In the 1990s his poems appeared in collaborations with other poets, such as A Tying Post for Pinkish Hairs, 5 PM at the Sea and Lucy's Flawless Gift. His debut collection Will was published in 2007 and Mercenary followed two years later. Moe Zaw would like to think of himself as a humanitarian worker for refugees, an advocate for malnourished children, a servant for all the bearers of angst and suffering, a slave of nature, an advocate for the millions who struggle in life, a treasurer for the truth, a trustee of death and the master of his own karma.