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Pandora Myanmar

Photo: Craig Ritchie
Photo: Craig Ritchie

Pandora (b. 1974) is from Burma delta. Her precocious literary talent has earned her several awards at poetry readings and essay competitions since her school days. As an English major at Rangoon University, she wrote poems and short stories for campus magazines under several pen names, all of which she has now forgotten. At one point she even managed to make a living by penning potboilers. She took a break from writing when she went to Singapore for further studies in 2001 but bounced back on the scene in early 2007 as literary blogger Pandora. Since then her poems, essays and short stories have been seen in online Burmese journals, books and in printed media inside Burma. After a long spell in Singapore, Pandora has now returned to Rangoon, where she is working on an anthology of Burmese women poets, the first of its kind to be published in Burma.