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Sigitas Parulskis (Lithuania)

Sigitas Parulskis (b. 1965 in Obeliai) is a poet, playwright and essayist. He studied Lithuanian language and literature at Vilnius University and currently lectures on Creative Writing at the Philology Faculty of Vilnius University.

His first book, All That Out of Longing, was published in 1990. His other work includes several books of poetry, two books of essays, a collection of short stories and two novels. He is also the author of several plays and scripts for theatre. In 1991, Parulskis won the Zigmas Gele Award for the best literary debut of the year and in 1995 his poetry collection Of the Dead received the prestigious Jatvingian Award. His play From the Lives of the Dead earned him the 1996 Kristoforas Award for the best young artist's theatre play debut and in 2002 the novel Three Seconds of Heaven was recognised as best book of the year and given the Lithuanian Writers' Union Prize. In 2004, Parulskis received the National Prize in literature. Work by Parulskis has been translated into Russian, English, Latvian, Finnish, Polish, Czech, French, German, Greek, Swedish, Italian and other languages.

He lives in Vilnius.