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Timothy Adès (UK)

Timothy Adès is a translator-poet who tends to use rhyme and metre. Born in 1941, he learnt to write Latin and Greek verse at school, took a classical degree, and studied international business. Later, he started to translate poetry from modern languages. His award-winning version of Jean Cassou's 33 Sonnets of the Resistance appeared in 2002 in the Arc Visible Poets series. Victor Hugo's How to be a Grandfather appeared in 2002 (Complete Edition 2012) from Hearing Eye. Homer in Cuernavaca by Alfonso Reyes won the TLS Premio Valle-Inclán Prize, 2001, and Hugo's Moscow, Waterloo, St Helena the John Dryden Prize in 2003. Versions of Brecht, Desnos, Louise Labé and many others have appeared in journals. A substantial volume of Desnos is due, and a second volume of Cassou was published in 2008. This is a translator-poet who likes to recite.