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Sometimes a Single Leaf

by Esther Dischereit

Translated and introduced by Iain Galbraith.

Sometimes a Single Leaf

Whether in poetry, fiction, radio drama or sound installations, Esther Dischereit's work represents a unique departure in recent European writing: a distinctive, off-beat syntax of German-Jewish intimacy with the fractured consciousness and deeply rutted cultural landscape of today's Germany. Sometimes a Single Leaf, mirroring the development of Esther Dischereit's poetry across three decades, includes selections from three of her books as well as a sampling of more recent, uncollected poems. It is her first book of poetry in English translation.

From these splinters, flowers bloom:
where the dead lie, trees grow and
we must walk among them. In these poems,
Esther Dischereit, whose mother was one
of the few who survived the Holocaust
in hiding within Nazi Germany,
lays the present over the past with
piercing effect. This is a necessary statement
of life by an important writer; and
Iain Galbraith's excellent translation will bring
all the vital, strange wisdom it contains
to a new audience. We could not need
this book more than we do now.

Preti Taneja, author of We That Are Young / Wir, die wir jung sind

Pbk: 9781911469704
Hbk: 9781911469711
Published January 2020