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Six Macedonian Poets

Six Macedonian Poets

ed. Igor Isakovski

Bilingual English / Macedonian edition

Elizabeta Bakovska, Lidija Dimkovska, Bogomil Gjuzel, Igor Isakovski, Jovica Ivanovski, Kata Kulavkova

Translated by Zoran Ančevski, Ljubica Arsovska, Elizabeta Bakovska, Iliya Casule, Cliff Endres, Milne Holton, Igor Isakovski, Carolyn Kizer, Peter H. Liotta, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, James McKinley, Graham Reid, Peggy Reid and Tomas Shapcott.

Part of our New Voices From Europe and Beyond series edited by Alexandra Büchler

Six Macedonian Poets is the seventh volume in a series of bilingual anthologies which brings the work of contemporary poets from Europe and beyond to a wider readership, a series which aims to keep a finger on the pulse of international contemporary poetry.

This anthology features the work of six of the finest contemporary Macedonian poets who together represent the breadth and complexity of the country's literary culture. Amongst the multi-vocal, multi-generational perspectives of these distinctive poets, whose subjects range from the mundane to the mythological and from the urban to the epic, can be seen common threads: an ancient and ever-evolving oral tradition, the intimacy of private love and loneliness, and a preoccupation with the ways in which the life of poetry connects the individual both to the socio-political climate and the cultural identity of the nation.

Collectively, these poets weave a picture of Macedonian literature as a diverse and richly inter-textual tradition which, in this selection of contemporary voices, claims its place in the wider literary world.

ISBN: 978-1906570-49-1 (pbk)

Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
Pages: 160
Published August 2011

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